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Please review our previous work that we are proud of.

As my job is winding down please allow me to commend two members of your field staff that have exhibited superior professionalism, a superior work ethic, and outstanding leadership in their individual trade(s). Both men have earned the highest respect from me as a customer.

Of course, I am speaking of Frances Mooney, Morgan Russell Site Engineer and Marty Pitcher, Team Leader and Senior Trades Men. These individuals went above and beyond the norm to ensure my complete satisfaction as the work progressed. Both men were always available to respond to any and all questions that I had. They possessed the ability to relate to me, as a lay person, all aspects of the undertaking thus ensuring me during the progression of the project that my problem would be alleviated.

In today’s world it is rare that a business can find and retain this caliber employee. Any firm would be pleased to hire such men of character and expertise to represent them. Please extend my gratitude for a job well done to these men.

If there is a company program for employee recognition I am requesting that these men be singled out to receive some type of monetary reward. Again please extend my sincere thanks to both of these men.

Alma M Streicher in Owings, MD

We wish to express our appreciation in your donation of topsoil to assist in improving the appearance of our school.

It is with willing businesses, such as yours, that make it easier to accomplish tasks of making the appearance of the school more appealing and improving the county in general.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Calvert Elementary School in Prince Frederick, MD

Thank you & your men for responding to my emergency so promptly. I’m truly impressed with the quality of the work and the speed in which it was done. I’m very grateful.

Francis Frame Hunter in Port Republic, MD

I write this letter to commend your employee, Michael Howard. He is clearly a man of integrity, and you are fortunate to have him working for you.

My wife and I live in Lower Marlboro. On the evening of June 5th, we had planned to meet each other in Galesville for dinner. My wife was involved in hectic preparations for a trip to the Paris Air Show, leaving June 9th. Additionally, she was responsible for a booth at a Trade Show at the Pax River Naval Air Station on June 6th. She had arranged to pick up some plexiglass panels in Harwood and travel from there to meet me at the restaurant. Our schedules were so intensive that this was to be an important time for us together.

When she arrived at the restaurant and went to retrieve her purse, she found it was not in her car. Eventually, she realized that she might have left it in Harwood. She left the restaurant to retrace her steps, eventually returning not having found her purse and convinced that she had left it on her trunk lid when she left the house in Harwood and that it must have fallen off. As you can imagine, the prospect of having to cancel multiple credit cards and get new identification, especially with the other hectic things that were going on, put a serious damper on the evening’s events.

I prayed that perhaps another driver had found the purse and would have the integrity and honesty to call. As soon as we left the restaurant, I called our home telephone number and to our great delight, there was a message from Mike Howard that he had found the purse by the roadside. He arranged for us to come by his house, and within a half hour of leaving the restaurant, my wife had her purse back in hand with everything intact, including $94.00 in cash. She gave the cash to Mike in appreciation. However, she had a hard time getting him to take it. We tried to tell him ant I hope by this letter that he will understand more the importance and significance of his acting upon what must be native integrity. The evening, in the course of two hours, we went from the high of anticipation in spending time together to the low of experiencing “a straw that could break the camel’s back” to the best kind of high – meeting an honest person with integrity.

When we arrived at Mike’s house, we noted the pickup truck with the name of your organization on it and in our discussion learned of Mike’s employment.

I suspect that it is commonplace for employees who drive company trucks not to recognize that, in doing so, they stand in the shoes of the organization. Last night, Mike Howard, as a person and as the representative Morgan E. Russell, Inc., exemplified the best of honesty and integrity.

I hope that you will share this letter not only with Mike but with his fellow employees.

George E Meng in Upper Marlboro, MD

How can I adequately thank you for the quality of the work your company has done for me at my farm in Cheltenham? “We” have taken an ugly, rectangular pond that had no use for dog training and transformed it into one of the nicest training ponds I have ever seen. Additionally, it is now lovely to view, has slopes that will allow me to mow, has enough nice trees for shade, has a safe berm, and will be encircled by a road.

Although this was, I am sure, a small job for you, it represents many years of my savings. Your approach to the job made me feel as if it were one of your most important projects. Not only were you wiling to accommodate my short list of additional chores that needed to be done by heavy equipment, your idea of putting a road around the pond and generous offer to do it for the cost of the gravel was far beyond anything that one could expect.

All of your staff – the ladies in the office, Fran, Paul, Marty, the other operators – have been polite, respectful, knowledgeable. Without the suggestions made by Paul and Marty, the pond would not be as functional for dog training nor as pleasing to the eye as it is. Their long years of experience and willingness to share their knowledge have been very beneficial.

Thank you again for all your consideration. I feel as if I have made a new group of friends as well as knowing where to get excellent work done. And, finally, if your ever nee a staff person for PR be sure to give the job to Marty.

Graden Farm in Davidsonville, MD

We want to tell you how much we appreciate the job Clinton did spreading gravel on our driveway. We’ve never seen a job like that done so smoothly and so well

John and Linda Sullivan

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are in our dealings with your company. Your organization has been extremely professional and efficient from start to finish in it’s work on our septic system. The secretaries and the workmen are exceptional at what they do, friendly even! And when we found out that we would be billed for the work, we knew we were dealing with a company a step up from any other we’ve experienced.

Thank you for a job well done. Your company exemplifies the quality standards that all businesses should strive to obtain. We would not hesitate to use your services in the future and we certainly will recommend you to others. Thank you again.

Mark & Donna Neal

On the behalf of our entire Cross Country team, we would like to thank you for your kind and generous donation. The wood chips will make our trail so much nicer to run on. Before the trail would get too muddy anytime it rained preventing us from practicing on it and causing problems for us at our home meets. We think the wood chips will be a big help. Thank you very much!

We would like to invite you to a home meet and to our annual end of the season banquet. We plan on placing an ad for Morgan E. Russell, Inc. in our programs at both events. Our home meet will be on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 at 4:30 pm. The banquet will be in November. We will send you an invitation when a date and time have been set.

Thanks again for your generosity!

Northern High School in Owings, MD

I would like to thank you again for the prompt response to our call. Living without a septic system can be quite an adventure. You helped make it a short one!

Penny Moran in Sunderland, MD

Please accept our sincere appreciation for the recent donation of 2.95 tons of ¾” gravel for Plum Point Middle School. Your support to our school and our educational program of the nature trail helps to educate the children of Calvert County. We appreciate your active partnership with our school with this much needed donation.

Plum Point Middle School in Huntingtown, MD

I truly wish to thank you for your generosity yesterday morning. I called your company and spoke to Casey about the possibility of having some of the dirt in the pile at the house on Lake Shore Dr.

Not only did you allow me to have the dirt but my request was met with friendliness and courtesy, both from Casey as well as the machine operator.

I have patronized your company many times over the past 16 years and have always found your employees to be friendly and helpful.

I can’t tell you how much that small amount of dirt helped my erosion problem. It would have taken me days to accomplish what your driver did in 5 minutes, especially with a pregnant wife who is in no condition to help.

Scott Elkins

May God bless you for your generosity!

Our whole parish community joins in thanking you for your great contribution to us of the demolition of the two houses on our parish road, Vianney Lane, on June 28th through June 30.

It is a huge improvement and a major gift to our parish and our community. Our volunteer accountant Mrs. Joan Thorp, will give you a tax letter so you may take this gift as a tax deduction for 1999 at the fair market value of the gift.

Once again, thank you.

St John Vianney in Prince Frederick, MD

Over the past 30 years, I have, from time to time, ordered materials from your company. I’ve always known that the drivers delivering the materials would do a good job.

Yesterday, I was especially impressed with one of your drivers names Clinton. He was delivering 20 tons of topsoil, and asked if I was going to have a bobcat spread it. When I told him that my shovel was going to spread it, he stopped, took a look at my yard and explained how he could help by dropping the materials in piles throughout the work area. Much to my amazement, he was able to drop the soil in 5 piles strategically located in my yard. He saved me at least 8 hours of hard labor by taking an extra 10 minutes to deliver the soil.

I really appreciated his extra effort and interest and will definitely only buy material from your company. (I’m going to ask for him to deliver it too!)

Thanks again, he made my day!

Tom Cain in Dunkirk, MD

We are very pleased with the grading you and your company did to our yard. Thank you so much!

Tom & Jeanne Fleming

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent and timely service your company has provided to our community in removing the snow and ice from the streets over the years since we built our home. I am certain that I speak for the neighbors also.

I would like to commend your dedicated employee Mr Marty Pitcher who has braved the storms and bad road conditions to complete his task.

I am enclosing an extra copy of this letter and requesting that you give it to Mr Pitcher. Also, a second copy is enclosed as a recommendation for renewing your contract.

Walter Jones in St Leonard, MD

Thank you and each member of your team that performed the miraculous transformation of our farm road out at Sheridan Point. It was perfect for the wedding; I would not be surprised if you selected a special “Brudal White” pea gravel for the occasion. Our niece, the bride, as well as Kate and I were delighted with the result and the effort you put in (all of you) despite the weather.


We provide the finest landscape material in town including lawn topsoil and river rock stone.

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